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Port Huron Yoga is a studio in the heart of Port Huron, MI offering a variety of yoga classes. The studio is a place to gather in unity and learn methods of care for our mind, body and spirit. Together we will grow, connect and radiate love.

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Port Huron Yoga studio
Port Huron Yoga
Jeni Vincent, studio co-owner
Sunrise at Port Huron Yoga
Slow-burn Class
Meditation Practice
Kids Yoga
2333 Gratiot Avenue
Kids Yoga
Yoga under Blue Water Bridge
Port Huron Yoga
Slow-burn Class
Jana Schultz, studio co-owner
Port Huron Yoga
Slow-burn Class
Kids Yoga
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Port Huron Yoga

2333 Gratiot Ave., Port Huron, MI 48060

Tel: (810) 941 2783

Email: porthuronyoga@gmail.com

Port Huron Yoga | 2333 Gratiot Avenue | Port Huron, Michigan

(810) 941-2783 | porthuronyoga@gmail.com


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