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Take the first step to being the best version of yourself


We are Port Huron Yoga: a yoga studio in the heart of Port Huron, Michigan that offers a variety of yoga classes that are welcoming and supportive.

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Port Huron Yoga Retreat at CityFlatsHotel

We are excited to announce our first overnight retreat! This retreat will take place at CityFlatsHotel in downtown Port Huron. Yoga, yummy food, friendship, relaxation, and more yoga!!! Dance party, dinner, pajama party, late night snack!!! Retreat starts Sunday, May 7th at 4:00pm and runs through Monday, May 8th at 11am. 

Retreat Itinerary


4:00pm - Guest Arrival/Check In + Swag bag pickup 

5-5:30pm - Welcoming Circle

5:30-6:30pm - Dance Party Yoga

6:30 - 7:00pm - Break

7-8:00pm - Full Course Group Dinner

8-8:15pm - Break

8:15-9:00pm - Self Care Activity 

9-9:15pm - Break (Pajama Time)

9:15-10:30pm - Pajama Yoga with Massage

10:30-11:00pm - Bedtime Snack and Tea


7-8:00am - Good Morning Yoga + Coffee

8-9:30am - Breakfast

9:30-10:00am - Break

10-11:00am - Friendship Yoga

11:00 am - Retreat ends


There are several options for an overnight stay. The prices below reflect the total cost for retreat depending on room choice. Interior and exterior view options available. Be the first to book to get the best view of the city!


Option #1: King bed (sleeps 1 person) - $370


Option #2: King bed (sleeps 2 people) - $310 per person


Option #3: Standard 2 Queen beds (sleeps 2-3 people) - $345 per person


Option #4: Standard 2 Queen beds (sleeps 4 people) - $295 per person


We look forward to answering any questions you have and booking the best option for you. Please call us to chat further and to book your retreat reservation!

Port Huron Yoga (810) 941-2783





Yin is a quiet and passive practice targeting the connective tissues, such as ligaments and tendons. Yin allows you to bring awareness to the breath and observe stillness of the mind and body.


Beginner yoga introduces [re-introduces] students to foundation of yoga. Education on Proper Alignment will set the foundation in every posture we move through by offering step-by-step instruction and demonstration. 


Heart pumping connection of breath to motion. Fast passed poses shifting from one to the next on the current of breath. This is how to get a total mind body workout. Suitable for all levels with some yoga experience.

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