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Learn the essentials to ensure a safe and aligned yoga practice

Establish breath

Learn foundational yoga poses 

 Foot and hand placement

 Introduction to mindfulness

Great class if you are new to yoga or looking to refine your current practice



Slow paced, gentle movements

Slower, deeper breathing

Pace allows for a more mindful practice

Increases flexibility and releases tension

Calming atmosphere with candles

Recommended for all experience levels

Slow Flow

Breath awareness and implementation 

Completely guided but challenging practice

Holding poses for an extended period of time, working the muscular system

Cultivates balance, strength, and stability

Yoga experience recommended



First half of class is Vinyasa

Second half of class in Yin

(See class descriptions above and below)



Floor level releasing postures typically held for 3-5 minutes 

Being still in passive poses nurtures the body’s connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons

Great for stillness in the mind and body helping with stress and releasing tension

Recommended for all experience levels

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