Beginner Foundations

Beginner yoga introduces [re-introduces] students to foundation of yoga and the values that are embodied at Port Huron Yoga Studio. Education on Proper Alignment will set the foundation in every posture we move through by offering step-by-step instruction and demonstration. Class will move through a series of postures linked together with the breath. Each class leaving the student feeling more confident and comfortable in their body. Students will experience a savasana (resting posture) at the end of class leaving them calm and collected both physically and mentally.​

Gentle Yoga

In Gentle we move slow, yet mindful. Guided breathwork is throughout the class focusing on the connection of the body, mind and breath. A gentle approach to poses will be offered to provide relaxation and release. The calming atmosphere is perfect to relieve stress and become present. ​

Slow Flow

During this class students will experience the feeling of slowing down your movement by holding poses for a longer period of time. While working into the challenge of digging deeper into the muscles and finding stability in the breath, students will build heat in the body. Students will meet their edge and learn to listen. reflect and explore. 

 *new students are recommended to attend PHY Beginner class before attending.  


Heart pumping connection of breath to motion. Fast passed poses shifting from one to the next on the current of breath. This is how to get a total mind body workout. Suitable for all levels with some yoga experience.

*new students are recommended to attend PHY Beginner class before attending.  


Yin is a quiet and passive practice targeting the connective tissues, such as ligaments and tendons. Poses are held for longer periods of time. Typically around three to five minutes. Yin allows you to bring awareness to the breath and observe stillness of the mind and body.